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Morrillo’s offer their customers an extensive range of the finest ‘engineered’ espresso and filter coffee machines designed for restaurants, coffee shops and other retail outlets. They are proud to be associated with Wega, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional espresso coffee machines.

Authorised importers, distributors, and warrantors for Wales and the West, they import direct from Italy.

About Morrillo’s

a cup of coffee beansMorrillo’s is a family based business whose owners have gained their expertise in the coffee industry through their café and restaurant enterprises, where they had an outstanding reputationfor excellent service and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Inspired by their Italian background, they were able to select the most efficient coffee machinery and ancillary products to ensure their customers were offered the perfect cup of coffee and after years of analysing different brands of coffee, they can now confidently ensure they provide the best products, training and after sales service to their clients.

Over the years they have gained further training and product expertise at Bologna and Treviso in Northern Italy, and throughout Italy. They have also gained further qualifications at various training conferences throughout the UK

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"The aromatic flavour and sensuality of a good cup of coffee can only be delivered by using the best professional coffee machine, the finest coffee beans and a skilled barrista ­ this winning combination is what makes Morrillo´s the Barrista´s choice!"